Friday, February 15, 2013

The Ultimate Avengers Paw Custom Vinyl Figure by Sekure D

The Ultimate Avengers Paw Custom Vinyl Figure by Sekure D

While The Blot isn’t really into Coarse Toys’ Paw vinyl figure, Sekure D absolutely killed this custom! The idea alone is just bananas, but it’s Sekure D’s execution that really makes this Ultimate Avengers Paw one of my all time favorite custom figures. The design itself is an amalgam of the costumes of the four primary members of Marvel’s The Avengers: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the Incredible Hulk. I love how seamless the design looks. Sekure D took elements of each hero’s costume and combined them in such a way that makes it look natural. Just look at how Iron Man’s chest-mounted "uni-beam" looks perfect in the center of Cap’s star.

The Ultimate Avengers Paw Custom Vinyl Figure Turnaround by Sekure D

According to Sekure D, this custom “represents months of work; it might not [look] like the most intricate design to begin with but I can assure you this is probably the most labour intensive custom I have made to date, it was just ridiculously consuming. There is approximately 700 scales on the body of Captain America all of which have a drop shadow and then the green and reds I used were unfortunately horribly opaque. We did not fit all the Avengers in there and as you can probably tell I absolutely created a scale of importance with who I did use however this is how I felt the design could be best accomplished.”

Pretty insane work, right!?! To see more of this beautiful figure and other great customs head over to Sekure D’s Instagram account.
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