Friday, March 15, 2013

Prehistory Fossilla Vinyl Figure by Josh Herbolsheimer

Super7 - Prehistory Fossilla Vinyl Figure by Josh Herbolsheimer

After multiple unpainted and one-off releases, Josh Herbolsheimer’s Fossilla is finally seeing its first painted release (nicknamed the Prehistory colorway)! The Blot has to admit, I was kind of undecided about this “Destroy All Kaiju!” figure, but seeing this epic painted version I’m totally sold on Fossilla. The paint does an amazing job showing off Josh’s sculpt (and really helps explains what’s really going on with Fossila’s body). The Prehistory Fossilla colorway is available now through the Super7 online store for $95 each. 

From the annals of time, the terrible creature that said no to extinction, Prehistory Fossilla is here! An ancient asteroid destroyed his world, and he is back with a vengeance! Cast in Volcanic-Ash Grey with black and brown oily-goop spray and blood-red mashed innards under his exposed skeletal remains. This is the first ever painted edition of Joshua Herbolsheimer’s entry into Super7's Destroy All Kaiju! line of standard-sized (9” tall) vintage inspired vinyl figures.
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