Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein Screen Print “I Shall Be With You”

Nakatomi Inc - Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein Screen Print “I Shall Be With You”

Tomorrow Nakatomi will be releasing the second print in its exciting new Frankenstein Screen Print Series featuring the artwork of comic book legend Bernie Wrightson! “I Shall Be With You” is the only double page spread in the entirety of Bernie’s original Illustrated Frankenstein book published back in 1983 from Marvel Comics. These high-quality screen print reproductions of Wrightson’s original pen and ink drawings from over 30 years ago would not be possible if it weren’t for his legion of fans who helped track down the original pieces that had been sold to collectors decades ago. A good chunk of these original pieces were actually in the collection of director Frank Darabont, who is not only a fan of Bernie’s but also employed Bernie’s staggering talents for his film, The Mist.

“I Shall Be With You” by Bernie Wrightson is a 24”×36” signed and numbered screen print, with a limited edition run size of 200 pieces. The print goes on sale at 2pm CDT today, Tuesday, April 2nd, at the Nakatomi online store.
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