Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Creamsicle Orange Sitting Mini Greasebat by Jeff Lamm

Creamsicle Orange Sitting Mini Greasebat Vinyl Figure by Jeff Lamm

If you thought Jeff Lamm’s 4” Standing Mini Greasebat was adorable wait until you meet the Sitting Mini Greasebat! Doesn’t he look like the baby Greasebat is throwing a temper tantrum? The Blot loves it. For its first release, the unpainted Sitting Mini Greasebat was cast in delicious creamsicle orange Japanese vinyl. The Sitting Mini Greasebat makes its debut at C2E2 in Chicago on Saturday April 27th at the Nakama Toys booth #951 for $40. Any remaining figures will go on sale at the Monster Worship online store Wedneday, May 1st, at 7pm EST.
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