Friday, April 5, 2013

DripVader Star Wars Melt Monster by Kevin Herdeman

DripVader Star Wars Melt Monster Vinyl Figure by Kevin Herdeman

Kevin Herdeman (aka MonsterArm) has unleashed an all new Kaiju Melt Monster upon the world, and this one features a head you’ll definitely recognize! DripVader combines the head of Star Wars’ Darth Vader with Kevin’s signature Melt Monster body to create a truly terrifying new creation. Each figure stands 8.5” tall, includes a solid black fabric cape and is made from solid black soft plastic with slight accents of silver on Vader’s face.

Only 10 DripVaders were made, and each comes bagged with a signed and numbered header card. Pick one up today at the MonsterArm online store for $50.
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