Thursday, June 27, 2013

Darth Vader Berserker Star Wars Vinyl Figure by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Darth Vader Berserker Vinyl Figure by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore

Oh wow, for Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s first painted release of his new Berserker figure Rich is giving us something extra special…a Star Wars inspired paint scheme! The Darth Vader Berserker pays homage to the Sith Lord who fathered The Blot’s second favorite twins Luke and Leia (obviously my new baby boys are my favorite set of twins)! Technically this isn’t the true Berserker figure as it features the Ollie club arms, but it’s close enough. Now if only I could find some cash quick for this lottery release.

The Darth Vader Berserker Star Wars inspired vinyl figure by Mutant Vinyl Hardcore is cast in black soft Japanese vinyl, stands 14” tall, includes a latex cape, and features metallic silver, red and blue sprays. This amazing figure is limited to just 20 pieces and will retail for $155 each. For the chance to purchase one email Rich at with the subject line “I am your father” between Wednesday, June 26th, at 12am EST and Friday, June 28th, at 11:59pm EST. In the body of your email include your name, address and your Instagram user name (if you’re on Instagram).
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