Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mr. Sulu Star Trek Mimobot USB Flashdrive

Hikaru Sulu Star Trek Designer Mimobot USB Flashdrive by Mimoco

Mimoco continues its amazing run of limited edition licensed Mimobot designer USB flash drives with this killer Hikaru Sulu Star Trek Mimobot! The Blot was super excited when Mimoco announced it was releasing a new line of Star Trek flash drives, and who doesn’t love George Takei’s suave helmsman of the Enterprise from Star Trek: The Original Series!?! Takei is even more awesome now than he was in the series, and with this Sulu Mimobot you can carry him around in your pocket wherever you go!

Suited in Sulu’s signature gold Enterprise command uniform, the Hikaru Sulu Star Trek: The Original Series Mimobot USB Flashdrive by Mimoco has a limited edition run size of just 1,000 pieces, comes hand numbered, and is available in up to 128GB. Each Sulu Mimobot USB flashdrive comes equipped with iconic Star Trek sounds and Sulu character dialogue that plays each time the Sulu Mimobot is inserted or ejected from one’s computer. Pick one up from Mimoco's online store in a variety of different memory capacities starting at just $24.95.
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