Tuesday, June 4, 2013

“Return of the Jedi” Star Wars Screen Print by Dave Perillo

“Return of the Jedi” Star Wars Episode VI Screen Print by Dave Perillo

Last Friday Dark Ink and Acme Archives Direct released the third print in Dave Perillo’s original Star Wars Trilogy Set! “Return of the Jedi” is based on the Star Wars film of the same name, and includes pretty much all of the key characters from Episode VI, including all three members of the Max Rebo Band! Perillo’s unique art style continues to impress, and I really hate to see his Star Wars triptych to end.

“Return of the Jedi” by Dave Perillo is a 12”x36” screen print sold exclusively at Dark Ink’s online store for $50 on Friday, May 31st. This fun Star Wars print has a limited edition run size of 250 pieces, comes signed by the artist and retailed for $50 each. Sadly this awesome print sold out immediately upon release.
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