Tuesday, August 13, 2013

B.A. Baracus Space Ranger Resin Figures by Killer Bootlegs

“Spectrum” Edition B.A. Baracus Space Ranger Resin Figure by Killer Bootlegs

Killer Bootlegs have made some awesome kitbashed bootleg resin figures over the past few years, but The Blot’s favorite so far is this awesome A-Team inspired B.A. Baracus Space Ranger! This Star Wars x Mr. T mash-up is seriously genius! I mean how has a Mr. T in Space TV show not been made yet!?! That would have made an awesome ‘80s cartoon! So far Killer Bootlegs has released three colorways of B.A. Baracus Space Ranger, including this beautiful rainbow “Spectrum” Edition, an all red translucent “Red Planet” Edition, and the blinged out “Run the Jewels” Edition.

“Red Planet” Edition & “Run the Jewels” Edition B.A. Baracus Space Ranger Resin Figures by Killer Bootlegs

Sadly the last two versions of B.A. Baracus Space Ranger are already sold out, but the “Spectrum” Edition (dyed and airbrushed with Monster Kolor paints and limited to just 10 pieces) is currently available for purchase at the Killer Bootlegs online store for $60. The Blot hasn’t been able to get my hands on one yet, but I hope to rectify that soon!!!
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