Tuesday, August 13, 2013

F*cked Up Kids Sticker Series 2

F*cked Up Kids Sticker Series 2 Pre-Order

The Blot’s buddy RenOne recently started a Garbage Pail Kid parody called "F*cked Up Kids" or “FUK” for short. After the success of this independent sticker series’ first collection RenOne is bring Fuk back for a second series! FUK Series 2 will be a random mix of stickers from each of the artists below, plush 1 sticker from all of the artists that were in FUK Series 1. What’s interesting about this release is the ratio of the series’ chase stickers will be determined by FUK Series 2’s pre-orders. This series will also include rare error cards and a super rare Golden Ticket! If you find the Golden Ticket, RenOne will turn your name into a FUK Series 3 sticker! How freaking cool is that? Plus, all pre-orders will receive an exclusive pre-order sticker.

F*cked Up Kids Sticker Series 1 by RenOne

FUK Series 2 includes the following artists: ARREX, Boeta Phyf, Beck, Super Ugly, Kris Dulfer, Phil Ryan, The Tonus, Skam Sticker, Motorbot, Playful Gorilla, YSL UAA, Asaad, Maikel Vargas, Cash Cannon, Morals, and RenOne.

FUK Series 2 will be packaged in authentic wax packs (produced by Side Kick Labs) and can be pre-ordered through RenOne’s online store now! Individual packs retail for $12.50, while uncut sheets can be purchased for $30.
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