Sunday, August 11, 2013

Orphan Rags T-Shirt Collection by Yosiell Lorenzo

Orphan Rags T-Shirt Collection by Yosiell Lorenzo - Bury Your Secrets T-Shirt

Every orphan needs protection from the chilly fall nights! Talented artist San Francisco artist Yosiell Lorenzo has designed two different orphan rags t-shirts to keep you warm as days get shorter and shorter. The first Orphan Rag t-shirt is derived from one of Yosiell’s favorite personal designs, “Bury Your Secrets”. The image is white ink printed on a black American Apparel t-shirt.

Orphan Rags T-Shirt Collection by Yosiell Lorenzo - Spirit Board Vessel T-Shirt

The second design in Yosiell’s Orphan Rag Collection is an original design entitled “Spirit Board Vessel”. This release features dark brown ink printed on a cream colored American Apparel t-shirt. The Blot’s always been a huge fan of Yosiell’s work, and I love how easily he’s able to take these cutesy characters and put them in such dark situations with simplistic imagery. Lorenzo really hit it out of the park with his new Orphans Rags Collection!

Both t-shirts in the Orphan Rags Collection are currently available through Yosiell Lorenzo’s online store in sizes S-XXL for just $25 each.
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