Friday, August 2, 2013

Star Trek “Skele Treks” Series 1 Vinyl Figures by NECA

Star Trek “Skele Treks” Series 1 Vinyl Figures by NECA - Klingon Commander Kor, Borg & Captain James T. Kirk

NECA is entering the realm of vinyl figure with their new “Skele Treks” Star Trek Series. It is evidently a line of skeleton Star Trek figures in honor of Dia de Los Muertos. If you just went “Huh?” you’re not the only one! Seems extremely random to The Blot but I guess everyone wants to cash in on the Dia de Los Muertos craze. Star Trek “Skele Treks” Series 1 includes 5” vinyl figures of Captain James T. Kirk, Klingon Commander Kor, and a Borg all featuring Mexican skeleton faces. What’s even more interesting is how this line merges characters from both The Original Series with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Each Star Trek “Skele Treks” Series 1 vinyl figures features an incredibly detailed sculpt and 3 points of articulation (at the arms and neck). While these Star Trek x Dia de Los Muertos vinyl figures are not expected to ship until late 2013, collectors can pre-order the entire individually packaged series of 3 figures from Entertainment Earth for $39.99 here.
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