Thursday, August 29, 2013

Transformers: The Movie Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Transformers: The Movie Standard Edition Screen Print by Tom Whalen

The Blot will never tire of Transformers: The Movie screen prints! Now I’m not talking about that live action abomination of a film that Michael Bay directed, I’m talking the epic ‘80s animated film entitled Transformers: The Movie. For Acidfree Gallery’s newest release Tom Whalen has designed an awesome movie poster featuring the central characters from the film. What I love about this print is that it doesn’t feature the same old Transfromers like Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Grimlock and Megatron. Instead it features what I like to refer to as the second wave of TF Generation 1, including Rodimus Prime, Kup, Arcee, Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar and Galvitron. It’s even got Daniel Witwicky in his Transformers exosuit! This print is all kinds of perfect.

Transformers: The Movie Metallic Variant Screen Print by Tom Whalen

Transformers: The Movie by Tom Whalen is a 24”x36” 7 color screen print and will be available for purchase through the Acidfree Gallery online store at 12:30pm EST on Thursday, August 29th. The Standard Edition is a timed release that will be available for just three days (August 29-31) for $50. Its run size will be set by the number orders placed during that 3 window and each print will come hand numbered. The Variant features metallic inks, will come signed and numbered by the artist, has a limited edition run size of just 86 pieces, and can be purchased for $75 each.
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