Tuesday, October 1, 2013

First Look: Modern Hero “Phase 4” Mad*l 5” Vinyl Figure by MAD

First Look: Modern Hero Phase 4 Mad*l 5” Vinyl Figure by MAD

The Blot can’t even explain how excited I am that MAD is finally releasing a production Modern Hero 5” Mad’l! MAD’s Modern Hero character and the Mad’l platform are a huge part of my personal designer art toy collection. I’ve been collecting both since pretty much the first day I was introduced to this crazy little corner of the art world. So for a production Modern Hero Mad’l to finally see the light of day is a pretty big deal! I consider it a personal grail that I can’t wait to add to my collection.

After a much too long hiatus, MAD’s popular 5” Mad*l vinyl figure returns with a fourth wave of three designs entitled Phase 4. The Modern Hero is the 2nd design in this exciting new Mad’l wave, with the previously seen rainbow monster MaeMaeMon the wave’s 1st design. What could be next!??!
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