Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Mr. Melty Vinyl Figure by Buff Monster

Unpainted White Mr. Melty Vinyl Figure by Buff Monster

Meet Mr. Melty, Buff Monster’s newest vinyl figure cast in epic soft Japanese vinyl! Designed to be a little idol representative of the Ice Cream characters Buff’s been painting as of late, Mr. Melty is actually Buff’s first self produced vinyl figure made by hand in Japan. Sculpted in New York by Chilko, the first Mr. Melty production colorway is this unpainted white sofubi that will be going on sale later today. Standing 3” tall and featuring 1 point of articulation (the head rotates), Mr. Melty will be going on sale at 10am EST at the Buff Monster online store for $30 each. The Blot can’t wait to see what other colors Buff has in the works. Bring on the pinks!
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