Thursday, October 17, 2013

“Pink Ass Beetch” Deadbeet by Scott Tolleson

“Pink Ass Beetch” Deadbeet Vinyl Figure by Scott Tolleson

The Blot loves unannounced releases, and we got one last weekend at Scott Tolleson’s solo art show Misrememberance at Dragatomi. If you were wondering why there was no Deadbeet release at NYCC 2013, it was because the LA artist was unexpectedly releasing the vibrant “Pink Ass Beetch” Deadbeet out west! The unpainted “Pink Ass Beetch” Deadbeet is cast in hot pink soft Japanese vinyl, stands 7.5” tall and pays tribute to My Little Pony with a hilarious header card. Limited to just 20 pieces, collectors can pick one up from the Dragatomi online store for $70 each.
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