Thursday, October 17, 2013

Orange & Black Marbled Greasebat by Jeff Lamm

Orange & Black Marbled Real Fighting Greasebat Vinyl Figure by Jeff Lamm

It feels like forever since we’ve had a release of Jeff Lamm’s OG Real Fighting Greasebat. Thankfully, that long drought ends this weekend at the “Three Guys Walk Into A Bar…” art show featuring the works of Jeff Lamm, Bwana Spoons and Brian Bunting (The Galaxy People) at Rampage Studios! The show includes a ton of amazing sofubi and artwork, including these beautiful unpainted Orange and Black Marbled Greasebats!

Even though I’ve sold off most of my Greasebat collection, the RFGB is still one of The Blot’s favorite figures and this colorway looks fantastic! The Blot might have to get back in the Greasebat collecting business. This beautiful unpainted Greasebat is cast in marbled orange and black soft Japanese vinyl and goes on sale this Monday, October 21st, at the Rampage Toys online store.
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