Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Orange & Black Marbled Halloween Ugly Unicorn by Rampage Toys

Orange & Black Marbled Halloween Ugly Unicorn Vinyl Figure by Rampage Toys

In honor of Halloween tomorrow Rampage Toys will be releasing this beautiful Orange and Black Marbled Ugly Unicorn. Not only is it the perfect companion to the Orange and Black Marbled Greasebat Rampage Toys released earlier this month, but it looks awesome! I can only imagine how great these two figures will look displayed together on a collector’s shelf. The marbling effect is fantastic, and just screams Halloween to The Blot. While these figures come unpainted, Jon of Rampage Toys has offered to paint each figure’s eyes and mouth in the color of the customer’s choosing if the customer wants. So for just $30 you can get a truly one of a kind custom figure!

These Halloween Marbled Ugly Unicorns (and a number of other Halloween inspired releases) go on sale at the stroke of Midnight on Halloween at the Rampage Toys online store.
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