Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wo-Man & the Masters of the Universe Bootleg Resin Figures by BigMan Toys

Wo-Man & the Masters of the Universe Bootleg Resin Figures by BigMan Toys - Faye-Kerr, Wo-Man & Wo-Man Brilliant Replica

I can’t lie, even for a toy aficionado as The Blot it is near impossible to keep up with all of the amazing bootleg kitbashed resin action figures and M.U.S.C.L.E. inspired rubber mini figures being produced these days. Take BigMan Toys for instance, who’s been cranking out some really interesting resin figures based on popular ‘80s toy lines and keshi. BigMan Toys newest release is Wo-Man and the Masters of the Universe, which pays homage to the Mattel’s classic MOTU toys.

Wo-Man is a 5.5” resin figure and is as much influenced by He-Man as she is by the Twins of Power characters, Robert Crumb comics, and a worn to nothing VHS tape of Red Sonja! Wo-Man was saved by a mysterious hero in her youth, and from that point forth committed to never again relying on the strength of others. Brandishing her father's modified wood-axe, she roams the planets in search of the warrior who once came to her aid to pledge allegiance to him. Hindering her journey is her evil clone Faye-Kerr, an obvious homage to MOTU’s Faker. Embedded in Wo-Man’s axe is a gem, which when at its apex of power allows her to self-clone bringing forth a brilliant replica of herself to fight alongside her so long as the gem holds power.

Each Wo-Man resin figure features 3 points of articulation, sports a rubber suit of armor and a deadly ax. All three Wo-Man colorways seen here will go up for sale on October 31st at the BigMan Toys online store for $69 each.
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