Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dez Einswell Fall 2014 T-Shirt Collection

Dez Einswell Fall 2014 Select T-Shirt Collection - “SoothSawyers”, “Haystacks”, “Einswell Beat Box” & “Doodle Pocket D” T-Shirts

Dez Einswell just dropped four new tees in his Doodle Barn online store that you won’t want to miss! Dez’ Fall 2014 Collection includes “SoothSawyers”, which is dedicated to the spirit of adventure and exploration, the basketball inspired “Haystacks”, the “Einswell Beat Box” character tee featuring Ruckey from the Meemees clan, and the “Doodle Pocket D” that includes a big D comprised of camo faces. This eclectic collection does an amazing job showcasing Dez’ signature art style, which is truly one of a kind!

The Dez Einswell Fall 2013 Select T-Shirt Collection is currently available for purchase in sizes S-XL through Dez’ Doodle Barn online store for $26 each.
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