Sunday, November 24, 2013

House of Blues 20th Anniversary T-Shirt by Johnny Cupcakes

House of Blues 20th Anniversary T-Shirts by Johnny Cupcakes

The Blot loves completely random collaborations, and this surprise t-shirt release takes the cake! Or should I say “takes the cupcake”? In honor of the House of Blues 20th Anniversary, Johnny Cupcakes has been commissioned to design this really fun commemorative t-shirt featuring a “rad, rockin’ drumming cupcake.” While the chest design is nice, The Blot really loves the JC x HOB insignia on the back featuring a Blues Brothers Big Kid. Now what I wouldn’t give for that t-shirt!

House of Blues 20th Anniversary T-Shirt Back Logo by Johnny Cupcakes

This is one of only two times I can think of that a Johnny Cupcakes tee was sold by a third party. The other time was when JC’s Australia exclusives were sold by a local Australian clothing store after Johnny’s event down under. I’m interested to see if this is a new trend or just a special one-off collab.

There are actually two different colorways of the House of Blues 20th Anniversary Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt. The Black Edition is only available at House of Blues locations worldwide, while the Gray Edition is sold exclusively at the House of Blues online store for $38. Both tees come in sizes S-2XL.
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