Friday, November 1, 2013

HolidAPE 3” Holiday Dunny by MAD

Christmas HolidAPE 3 Inch Dunny Vinyl Figure by MAD and Packaging

Each year Kidrobot produces a limited edition Dunny (or ‘Bot) to commemorate the holiday season. This year Kidrobot is going old school by bringing back MAD’s popular “MAD Ape” Dunny design, but with a Christmas and Hanukkah twist! While normally The Blot detests the recycling of old Dunny designs, how can I say no to more MAD Apes? I’m not ashamed to flip flop when it fits my particular toy collecting tastes! Plus, I never thought I’d see the day when a Dunny design included a menorah and a dreidel. It does my heart proud! Now here’s hoping the chase Hanukkah HolidAPE isn’t impossible to find.

HolidAPE 3 Inch Dunny Vinyl Figures by MAD - Christmas & Chase Hanukkah HolidAPE

The HolidAPE 3” Dunny by MAD comes blind boxed packaged in a foil-stamped gift box perfect for your loved one’s stocking and retail for $11.99. These Christmas and Hanukkah inspired Dunnys go on sale Thursday, November 7th, at and all Kidrobot retail stores.
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