Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mini-Cheestroyer Vinyl Figure Kickstarter Campaign by Bad Teeth & Double Haunt

Kickstarter Edition Glow in the Dark Mini-Cheestroyer Vinyl Figure by Bad Teeth & Double

After releasing numerous Mini-Cheestroyer resin figures over the past year and all selling out almost instantly, Bad Teeth and Double Haunt have decided to produce their "little cheeseburger monster" in gorgeous vinyl! To help to get the process started they have decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign for the production of their first vinyl toy. For just $35 you can preorder a super cool 4.5” vinyl version of the Mini-Cheestroyer in one of three colorways. What an awesome deal, and a great way to help get a delicious new figure produced!

The backers of this Kickstarter project can choose from a Glow in the Dark Mini-Cheestroyer, a Crystal Clear Mini-Cheestroyer or a Clear with Guts Mini-Cheestroyer! Other pledge rewards include hand-painted resins, clear resins, and copies of the Cheestroyer comic book. Bad Teeth and Double Haunt have also planned out some stretch goals, which include a variant Mini-Cheestroyer head for the vinyl figure and a micro figure of the original "Cheese" character.  The Blot loves me some hamburgers, and this Cheestroyer looks fantastic.  To find out more about this exciting release head over to the Mini-Cheestroyer Kickstarter page today!
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