Sunday, December 15, 2013

CHEW Comic Book T-Shirts by Rob Guillory

Graphitti Designs x Image Comics Chew T-Shirts by Rob Guillory - “Chog” & “Reservoir Chogs”

Check out these awesome CHEW comic book t-shirts designed by CHEW co-creator and artist Rob Guillory! While CHEW, one of The Blot’s favorite Image comic book series, has had official t-shirts for a while, now that they’re being distributed by Graphitti Designs it means fans worldwide will have greater access to them through comic book and specialty stores worldwide. There are currently two t-shirt designs available: “Chog”, featuring everyone’s favorite frog/chicken hybrid, and “Reservoir Chogs”, a spoof of Reservoir Dogs featuring four of the comic’s main characters. Both tees are great, and the perfect way to tell the world you’re a Cibopath (or at least, a wannabe Cibopath).

These CHEW t-shirts by Rob Guillory are available in comic book specialty stores worldwide (and the Graphitti Designs online store) now in sizes S-XL for $18.95 and size XXL for $21.95.
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