Thursday, December 12, 2013

“Naughty and Nice” Christmas Deadbeet Set by Scott Tolleson

“Naughty and Nice” Christmasbeets Christmas Deadbeet Set by Scott Tolleson

It has been way too long since Scott Tolleson held a proper Deadbeet release, but thankfully that changes tomorrow with this Christmas inspired release! The “Naughty and Nice” Deadbeet Set features two red and green unpainted mixed parts Deadbeets perfect for the holiday season. What’s really amazing about this release is you get two full size Deadbeets for just $80! Think of this as a little bit of a Christmas present from Scott to his fans because he’s basically selling his Deadbeets two for the price of one tomorrow. Merry Beetmas!

Each unpainted “Naughty and Nice” Christmas Deadbeet is cast in red and green soft Japanese vinyl, stands 7.5” tall and is limited to just 10 sets. This two pack of Christmasbeets goes on sale at 10am PST tomorrow, December 13th, at the Scott Tolleson online store.
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