Wednesday, January 29, 2014

MAD*L Phase 4 Vinyl Figures by MAD

MADL Phase 4 5” Vinyl Figures by MAD - MAD Ape, Modern Hero & MAEMAEMON

It’s hard to believe, but 2014 is the 10 year anniversary of MAD’s MAD*L vinyl figure! In honor of this huge milestone MAD has big things in store for the MAD*L platform, including a new series of 5” figures. After teasing it for months, check out the official line up of MAD*L Phase 4: the Modern Hero, MAD Ape and MAEMAEMON! Each figure stands 5” tall, is limited to just 400 pieces and will retail for $35 each. These awesome figures will be showing up in designer toy stores worldwide soon, but in the meantime you can purchase all three Phase 4 MAD*Ls as a set for $100 at the MAD Toy Store.

Here’s a little more info on each MAD*L Phase 4 design in MAD's own words:

The Modern Hero has appeared on a ton of my other toys, customs and artwork. For the MAD*L version, I wanted to step up the design to more than just a graphic treatment, so I included a removable top hat and of course his oversized Big Money chain.

MAD Ape is another design I’ve used over the years on other products and customs. Given how much people love the design I had to include it in the series.

MAEMAEMON is the newest addition to the series. This design was originally created by my daughter Mae. As with all the other ‘MONs in the MAD*L brand, it’s based on my kids. So when it came time to design her figure she jumped right in and started coming up with ideas.
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