Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Purple Drank Custom 8” Dunny by Sket One

Sket One x Siplean Purple Drank Custom 8 Inch Dunny Resin Figure

If The Blot didn’t know better I’d say Sket One was from Houston, because he’s representing H-Town’s favorite drink with his new Purple Drank Custom 8” Dunny! This may not be a Condiment Dunny, but it’s pretty sweet nevertheless. This crazy translucent purple resin Dunny was a hyper release, meaning it was extremely limited, went up fast and sold out instantly late last week. Only 10 of these Purple Drank Custom 8” Dunnys were created (it was made in conjunction with Siplean) and about half of them were gone before it even dropped!

The Purple Drank 8” Dunny resin figure sold exclusively at Sket One’s online store for $450 each and included two 20oz Siplean Styrofoam Cups.
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