Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Coming Soon: Da’ Lizard Vinyl Figure by Mark Bode

Coming Soon Da’ Lizard Vinyl Figure & Packaging by Mark Bode

Last January The Blot got to see Mark Bode’s amazing Da’ Lizard resin figure in person at the legendary artist’s solo show “The Masked Lizard Rides Again” at Aerosol Warfare here in Houston, Texas. This 6-8” tall unpainted resin figure was limited to just 50 pieces, featured 3 points of articulation and looked seriously fantastic! Unfortunately, one of these figures didn’t go home with me that night. But I did learn some good news that evening, Bode was working on a vinyl release of his Da’ Lizard sculpt!

The Da’ Lizard vinyl figure is almost here and Bode unveiled his first painted prototype and the figure’s packaging artwork. What really stands out from the pictures Mark posted on his Instagram account is that Da’ Lizard is being made by MINDstyle! I didn’t even know they were still in business. There are four colroways in the works (OG Lizard Green, White, Magenta and Brown), and at least one of those will be released by Toy Tokyo. Can’t wait to snag one of these! More details as they become available…
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