Thursday, April 17, 2014

Coraline Soundtrack Vinyl Record by Mondo with Cover Artwork by Michael De Pippo

Coraline Soundtrack Vinyl Record Cover Artwork by Michael De Pippo

Mondo is teaming up with LAIKA Animation Studios to release the Coraline soundtrack on deluxe limited edition vinyl for the very first time! LAIKA’s stop-motion animated feature film Coraline is one of The Blot’s all time favorite films, and I can’t wait to get my hands on this soundtrack. The film features music by Bruno Coulais, an original song by They Might Be Giants and cover artwork by artist Michael De Pippo.

Coraline Soundtrack Vinyl Record by Mondo

The soundtrack to Coraline is haunting and beautiful. With the help of the Budapest Orchestra and Choir behind him, Bruno Coulais captures the dark child-like imagination of the titular protagonist with a menace and aplomb. Without seeing the film you can follow the musical journey of the story from Coraline’s angsty reality, to her dreamy uneasiness, to the ultimate unravelling.

Coraline Soundtrack Black & White Swirl Vinyl Record Variant by Mondo

The Coraline original motion picture soundtrack is pressed on 2xLP 180 gram 12” black vinyl records, with randomly inserted black and white swirl vinyl variants randomly inserted into the run. Think of this as a blind box for vinyl records! Music lovers can pick up this awesome OST at a random time on Tuesday, April 22nd, at the Mondo online store for $32.
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