Sunday, May 18, 2014

Bear Swagger Spring 2014 T-Shirt Collection

Bear Swagger Spring 2014 T-Shirt Collection - Flyer Than A M’er F’er, DBTBS, Bear Skull & Bear Necessitees Twin Pack

As you know The Blot is always on the lookout for killer new indie clothing brands, and I was recently introduced to the Essex, UK based Bear Swagger! I really dig how this new brand incorporates their Bear with Sunglasses logo and motto “Don’t Believe the BS” into everything they design. This street wear brand and their Bear definitely bring the swagger (see what I did there?). Bear Swagger officially launched last month with their Spring 2014 collection!

The Blot couldn’t believe how diverse of a collection this is considering this is Bear Swagger’s first release. It includes four awesome t-shirts, a hoodie, a crewneck, a jacket, two beanies and more! I really like the mix of graphic designs with cool typography. Here’s hoping for many more t-shirt collections from Bear Swagger!

The Bear Swagger Spring 2014 Collection is currently available for purchase from the Bear Swagger online store. Each t-shirt seen here is currently available in sizes S-L and retails for £30 (the Bear Necessitees Twin pack is £40).
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