Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PaperMonster “Name Your Commission” Project

PaperMonster “Name Your Commission” Project Artwork

One of The Blot’s favorite artists is back in a big way! Shockingly, it’s been almost two years since I’d last heard from NYC based artist PaperMonster, but he’s reemerged on the art scene with an epic offer. For the first and only time, PaperMonster is opening his doors to any and all commissions from his fans. No matter if you have $5 or $5,000,000,000,000, PaperMonster will create a unique and original work of art on paper, canvas, wall or object.

PaperMonster “Name Your Commission” Project Details

PaperMonster’s commission window is only open for a brief period of time (now through Wednesday, May 7th), so act fast! What a killer way to get the piece of original artwork you’ve always wanted! Commissions can be open to PaperMonster’s choosing or be based on your own concepts/ideas that work within your personal art budget. All of the works created as part of PaperMonster’s “Name Your Commission” special will be documented and photographed to be compiled for a future book project.

PaperMonster “Name Your Commission” Project Details

To place an order for a one of a kind PaperMonster commission, or to find out more information about this deal, contact the artist at v@papermonster.org. In your email please include your personal budget, the type of work requested (i.e. drawing on paper, drawing on canvas, stencil of canvas, etc.),you’re your concept/idea for the design.
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