Thursday, June 5, 2014

Madam Mayhem 8” Dunny by Kronk

Kidrobot - Madam Mayhem 8” Dunny by Kronk

Check out Kidrobot’s newest production Dunny, Madam Mayhem by Kronk. This wickedly fun 8” Dunny is costumed in an ornate feather headdress, pasties, and little else. With bright eyes and painted skin, she beckons as only a Kronk sorceress can. The most interesting aspect of this design is its backstory. According to Kidrobot’s Galen McKamy, Kronk was originally scheduled to be in the Mardivale Series with Scribe and Andrew Bell, and this design was created to be part of that series. I guess that explains the theme behind Madam Mayhem!

Madam Mayhem 8” Dunny by Kronk goes on sale today, June 5th, at Kidrobot stores, and select retailers worldwide for $74.99. And keep your eyes peeled for the super rare 1:6 Dusky Purple Variant – one of Kidrobot’s rarest chases ever!
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