Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy IMAX First Look Movie Poster

Guardians of the Galaxy - An IMAX 3D First Look Theatrical One Sheet Movie Poster

IMAX gave away free tickets to an IMAX 3D “first look” at Guardians of the Galaxy on July 7th. The Blot really wanted to sign up for free tickets and see the 15 minute preview, but I resisted. I’m concerned that with all these trailers, first looks and scenes posted on the internet I will have seen the entire movie before it hits theaters on August 1st. I’m really surprised Marvel did something like this considering the amazing reviews this film has been receiving. But I guess when Marvel set this up they didn’t know that a film starring a team of D-List heroes would be this beloved by both the comic book reading community and the average moviegoer. Guardians Assemble!
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