Friday, August 8, 2014

Ghostbusters Screen Print “Ghostbusted” by Anthony Petrie

Gallery1988's Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary “Ghostbusted” Screen Print by Anthony Petrie

Don’t worry, even though Gallery1988’s amazing Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Traveling Group Art Show has ended, the amazing prints just keep on coming! Yesterday, Gallery1988 released the epic “Ghostbusted” screen print by Anthony Petrie. The Blot absolutely loves this design and the way Petrie was able to cram pretty much everything great about Ghostbusters into one design, including Slimer, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Zuul. Seriously, did he leave out any of the cool parts of the movie!?!  Petrie is killing it with these Ghostbuster prints as this was his second piece in the show.

“Ghostbusted” by Anthony Petrie is a 24”x36” screen print with a limited edition run size of just 300 pieces. This print went on sale yesterday, Thursday, August 7th, at the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Group Art Show’s online store for $45 and promptly sold out.
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