Thursday, August 21, 2014

Úlfhéðinn Screen Print by Tyler Stout

Úlfhéðinn Standard Edition Red Screen Print by Tyler Stout

Tyler Stout dropped an exciting bombshell yesterday with the surprise release of his newest art print, Úlfhéðinn. Pronounced ulfhedinn, with some sass added, this screen print is all about everything and nothing…about life, and fish, and birdmen. What’s especially great about this exciting new Tyler Stout art print is it’s a timed release, so anyone that wants one can order one! It may just be your only chance to add some reasonably priced Stout art to your walls.

Úlfhéðinn Yellow Variant Screen Print by Tyler Stout

Úlfhéðinn by Tyler Stout is a 12”x18” hand signed and numbered 5 color screen print. The Standard Edition made available for pre-order is the red screen print seen above, while the Yellow Variant will be randomly substituted into a small number of orders. From now until at 10am PDT today, Thursday, August 21st, you can purchase the Úlfhéðinn screen print at the Tyler Stout online store for just $17. The edition size of this print will be based on how many orders are placed within the 24hr period it is made available for pre-order.
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