Wednesday, August 6, 2014

World War Gee: The Green Zombie Custom Dunny by Huck Gee

World War Gee: The Green Zombie 8 Inch Custom Dunny Vinyl Figure by Huck Gee

The fourth and final custom 8” Dunny in Huck Gee’s hugely popular World War Gee Series drops this Friday, and you definitely won’t want to miss this one! The final WWG release is based on Huck’s third Zombie Dunny design from Kidrobot’s Dunny 2011 Series. This Green Zombie Dunny is an 8” handmade custom of that very production 3”design, and features a BRAINS sign, fuzzy flies, stained undies and glow in the dark eyes, bones and ribs.

The final World War Gee outbreak begins this Friday, August 8th, at 1pm PDT via the Huck Gee online store for $450. The Green Zombie Custom Dunny will be available for 24 hours only, with the figure’s limited edition run size set by the number of orders placed in that timeframe. Each figure comes signed and includes all of the accessories show here.
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