Thursday, October 9, 2014

NYCC 14 Exclusive Micro Mad*l Resin Figures by MAD

New York Comic Con 2014 Exclusive Blind Bag Micro Madl Resin Figures by MAD

MAD is heading back to New York this weekend for New York Comic Con 2014, and he’s bringing with him an epic run blind bagged Micro Mad*l resin figures! After severable Micro Mad*l 3D Print releases, MAD is finally giving his Micro Mad*l the resin treatment. What’s awesome about this New York Comic Con 2014 Exclusive Blind Bag Series is each figure is a one of a kind, experimental resin pull. So no matter which blind bag you get, you’ll pull a super unique colorway! This series includes translucent resins, swirls, multi-colored pulls and everything in between. Collectors need to hunt down MAD during New York Comic Con 2014 to buy one of these signed Micro Mad*l resin figures from him for just $20.
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