Monday, November 10, 2014

DCon Exclusive “Ghost” Marbled Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateball

Designer Con 2014 Exclusive “Ghost” Marbled Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateballf

Although this is not the typical style of vinyl figure you’ll find reviewed here at The Blot Says, I find myself really loving Hateball’s new Zinewolf vinyl figure! There’s something about the Zinewolf’s mask that really draws me in. I love that crazy Ed "Big Daddy" Roth vibe it’s giving off! While at Designer Con 2014, Hateball had with him a very limited run of these awesome marbled unpainted “Ghost” Edition Zinewolfs. Cast a killer swirl of black, orange and glow in the dark soft Japanese vinyl, this 5-7” tall DCon 2014 exclusive colorway retailed for $90 each. I haven’t heard if this third Zinewolf colorway sold out last weekend or not, but if you want to try to get one I recommend emailing Hateball here ASAP!

Halloween Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateball

Rumor has it there are also a few of these awesome orange and black Halloween Zinewolf vinyl figures still available! For Zinewolf’s second release, Hateball released the Laughing Lycan in semi-translucent, brighter-than-bright safety orange, and gloss-as-f*ck, blacker-than-black black soft Japanese vinyl. Featuring 6 points of articulation, with magnetically-assisted beast mask mount, the Halloween Zinewolf can be purchased now by emailing Hateball.

Halloween Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateball

To order an Orange Mask Halloween Zinewolf or a Black Mask Halloween Zinewolf email Hateball here. Both retail for just $75, and if you fancy a solid color Halloween Zinewolf it would not hurt you to ask. You never know what Hateball’s response might be!

Halloween Zinewolf Vinyl Figure by Hateball
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