Thursday, November 6, 2014

Modern Hero 10” Custom Mad*ls by MAD to Debut at Designer Con 2014!

Designer Con 2014 Debut OG & Skeletor Modern Hero Custom 10” Mad'l Vinyl Figures by MAD

Check out these awesome new Modern Hero 10” Custom Mad*l vinyl figures MAD’s bringing with him to Designer Con 2014. Oh how The Blot loves me some Modern Hero! MAD has created two different colorways for their debut at DCon, there’s the OG Modern Hero on a white 10” Mad*l and the Masters of the Universe inspired Skeletor colorway on glow in the dark green vinyl. While these bad boys will only be on display at MAD’s DCon booth #604 this weekend, both will be available for pre-order. Only 6 hand painted customs of each colorway will be made, so do not sleep on these awesome Modern Hero Mad*ls!
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