Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pimp2-D2 & Boba Fink Star Wars T-Shirts by Manly Art & Outsmart Originals

Pimp2-D2 Star Wars T-Shirt by Manly Art & Outsmart Originals

Manly Art (aka Jason Chalker) has teamed up with Outsmart Originals to produce two awesome new Star Wars inspired t-shirts! First up is “Pimp2-D2,” which is based on Manly Art’s amazing sold out custom run of R2-D2 action figures of the same name. In a galaxy not too far, far away the droid known as Pimp2-D2 roams the deep reaches of space hustlin’ in style and keepin’ the force in check. That is one bad ass astromech droid!

Boba Fink Star Wars T-Shirt by Manly Art & Outsmart Originals

The second Manly Art x Outsmart Originals t-shirt release is “Boba Fink,” a killer mash-up of Boba Fett and Rat Fink! With the gears shifting and the wheels burning, Boba Fink floors his slave beast past every rebel scum and imperial wannabe hot on the trail of his next bounty.

Both of these Manly Art Star Wars galactic tees are currently available for pre-order in ladies (S-L) and mens (S-5XL) styles at the Outsmart Originals online store for just $25. These will be made to order and only available through December 31st (expected to ship by January 15th).
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