Saturday, January 31, 2015

Loot Crate Exclusive “BatJoker” Batman Pop! Vinyl Figure by Funko

Loot Crate Exclusive “BatJoker” Batman Pop! Heroes Vinyl Figure by Funko

In celebration of Batman’s 75th Anniversary, Loot Crate’s December crate (which had an “anniversary” theme) included this exclusive “BatJoker” Batman Pop! Heroes vinyl figure in it! Pretty crazy looking, right!?! Now thanks to Funko we know what The Joker would look like if he’d become Batman instead of Bruce Wayne. While The Blot is typically not into these kind of outlandish colorways just for the sake of doing a variant, the BatJoker turned out really nice.

What's really cool about this retailer exclusive DC Comics Pop! is that December's Loot Crate crate packaging could be transformed into the BatJoker’s BatJokercave! Now that’s an awesome accessory. While Loot Crate's December crate is long gone, these figures are readily available on the secondary market at places like eBay and Amazon. That’s the best part of Loot Crate exclusives. While they’re retailer exclusives, they’re not all that limited because of Loot Crate's huge subscriber base.
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