Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pizza Rebellion T-Shirt Collection

Pizza Rebellion T-Shirt Collection - The Pizza Boy, Pizza Pride, Space Pizza & Chilly Bomber

The Blot loves me some pizza! Which is why I’m such a fan of the new indie clothing line from Pizza Rebellion. This German brand has launched their t-shirt collection with four very different pizza inspired designs. First up is “The Pizza Boy” t-shirt, whose theme is never stop riding and never stop sharing slices with your friends! The “Pizza Pride” t-shirt sports the logo for the Pizza Rebellion. With this tee you can show all you friends with pride that you’ve joined the rebellion.

Pizza Rebellion Limited Edition Art Prints

I really like Pizza Rebellion’s “Space Pizza” tee, which has a very old school video arcade game feel to it. It reminds me a lot of Atari’s original Star Wars game from 1983. Last but not least is the “Chilly Bomber” shirt, which features pure American Superfighter Pizza Power Spirit that entertains you with chilly-bombs and pepper bullets.

Each Pizza Rebellion T-Shirt is limited to just 16 pieces and comes with a 4 piece set of limited edition 5.7”x5.7” signed and numbered art prints. All four shirts are currently available in sizes S-XL at the Pizza Rebellion online store for €34.90 each.
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