Monday, January 12, 2015

Puggo Resin Figure by Motorbot

Puggo Resin Figure by Motorbot - Standard Edition, Albino Edition & Blind Bag Edition

Meet Puggo, the newest resin creation from the super talented Texas based artist Motorbot! Puggo is a humanoid pug dog that stands just over 3” tall. This adorable puppy is made of solid hand custom resin, is hand painted by Motorbot and comes bagged with a header card. And remember, Puggo loves you!

Puggo Resin Figure by Motorbot - Adventure Time Edition, Visible Edition, Lizard Edition & Black Edition

Currently Puggo is available in a number of different colorways. If you head to the Meathead Toys online store right now you can purchase the Standard Edition Puggo or Albino Edition Puggo for just $15! For those of you who like to be surprised by the colorway you receive, there’s also a blind bagged option (also just $15). You should also be following Motorbot on Instagram here where he has been releasing a number of epic one-off Puggos and micro runs, like the Adventure Time inspired Jake Edition Puggo and this amazing Clear Puggo with handmade guts ($25).
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