Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ahwroo Creamy Vinyl Figure by Gary Baseman

Ahwroo Edition Creamy Vinyl Figure by Gary Baseman

The Blot’s favorite melted ice cream cone is back! Gary Baseman’s adorable Creamy returns this Friday in a furry new colorway. The Ahwroo Edition Creamy vinyl figure shows what happens when the sweet and naïve Creamy character (who easily melts for unattainable beauty) transforms into the expressive and vicious toothy creature Ahwroo! Featured in Baseman’s 2012 “Vicious” exhibition in Italy, Ahwroo hungers for love and affection and draws blood if he doesn’t feel he’s getting it.

Ahwroo Creamy Giclee Print by Gary Baseman

Produced by 3DRetro, the Ahwroo Creamy vinyl figure is limited to 200 pieces and includes a signed and numbered giclee print. Each figure stands 5” tall and comes packaged in a full color window box designed by Gary Baseman. This awesome new colorway goes on sale at 9am PST this Friday, February 6th, at Baseman’s online store for $75.
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