Friday, February 6, 2015

Superman “Look Up In The Sky” Prints by Tracy Tubera

Classic Edition Superman “Look Up In The Sky” Print by Tracy Tubera

Yesterday, Tracy Tubera released the next print in his TT Doodle series and it’s this amazing Superman print entitled “Look Up In The Sky”! As you might remember, at the beginning of 2013 Tracy Tubera attempted the “Sketch A Day” challenge, which he called #TTDOODLES. While Tubera didn’t complete the challenge, he did create a ton of amazing super hero sketches in his signature style! You can see many of those original sketches here. Thankfully Tracy realized how awesome those sketches were, and he’s decided to vectorize some of the designs and sell them as prints. While Tracy’s original #TTDOODLES Superman sketch featured DC Comics' big blue Boy Scout in his current “New 52” suit, thanks to fan demand Tracy has also released a “Classic” version of the print featuring Superman’s most iconic look.

New 52 Edition Superman “Look Up In The Sky” Print by Tracy Tubera

“Look Up In The Sky” by Tracy Tubera is an 11”x17” Superman print on archival watercolor paper. Each print comes signed, numbered and hand embossed, and is limited to just 75 pieces. Pre-order one today at the Tracy Tubera online store for just $35!
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