Sunday, February 1, 2015

Handsome Boy Clothing Co. T-Shirt Collection

Handsome Boy Clothing Co. T-Shirt Collection - HB Flag, HB Downtown, Heritage Script & Handsome Boy 1920

The Blot’s been rocking Handsome Boy t-shirts for years now, but I only just realized I’ve never actually blogged about this fantastic indie clothing brand based in Boston, MA. Nicknamed “The Original Brand With The Bowtie,” Handsome Boy Clothing Co. has been producing quality goods since 2003. What I love about this brand is their ability to blend today's modern lifestyle with a vintage inspiration. How can you not love Handsome Boy’s mascot of a dapper gent from the ‘50s rocking a bowtie and winking!?! The HB Flag logo is my favorite design. It’s such a simple graphic, and yet so striking. And I love their Heritage Script designs, which feel like something straight out of an old school Hollywood film like the Great Gatsby.

The Handsome Boy T-Shirt Collection is currently available via their online store in sizes S-2XL for $28 each. I highly recommend checking out their online store where they also have hats, raglan baseball t-shirts, crewnecks, and iPhone cases for sale.
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