Friday, February 6, 2015

Star Wars Prayer Candles by Sket One

Star Wars Prayer Candles by Sket One - “Our Father” & “Our Lady of Peace”

Sket One has been creating some amazing Star Wars inspired art lately, including the epic “Our Father” Darth Vader statue and a line of t-shirt designs based on the re-imagining of US state flags. Now Sket revisits the religious themes of “Our Father” with these awesome Star Wars Prayer Candles! There are two candles in all, one for the evil Empire (“Our Father” featuring Darth Vader standing on the Death Star) and one for the Rebel Alliance (“Our Lady of Peace” featuring Princess Leia standing on R2-D2). Both Star Wars Prayer Candles stand 8” tall and come signed by Sket. Pick one up today at the Sket One online store for $20 each.
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