Friday, February 13, 2015

ToyFair 1st Look: DC Comics Icons Action Figure Toy Line

DC Comics Icons Wave 1 Action Figures - Batman

For two months this spring DC Comics will be taken over by Convergence, a new comic book crossover that revisits popular characters, storylines and eras from DC Comics’ rich history. Spinning out of that crossover is DC Collectibles’ new “DC Comics Icons” action figure toy line, which will showcase classic characters and stories from the DC Universe featuring designs by artist Ivan Reis! The Blot is a huge DC Comics fan, and I am excited to see these old school characters released as modern 6” action figures. DC Collectibles gave the world its first look at this epic new toy line this weekend at Toy Fair 2015.

DC Comics Icons Wave 1 Action Figures - COIE The Flash Barry Allen with the Cosmic Treadmill

DC Comics Icons Wave 1 will be released in November/December of 2015 and includes pre-New 52 Batman, Crisis on Infinite Earths The Flash (Barry Allen) with the Cosmic Treadmill, The Longbow Hunter Green Arrow, Deadman, Earth 2 Mister Miracle and Black Adam.

DC Comics Icons Wave 1 Action Figures - Green Arrow, Black Adam, Deadman & Mister Miracle

DC Comics Icons Wave 2 will be released in December 2015 and includes New 52 Justice League member Lex Luthor, Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes, and pre-New 52 Green Lantern Hal Jordan.

DC Comics Icons Wave 2 Action Figures - New 52 Lex Luthor, Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes & Green Lantern Hal Jordan

DC Comics Icons Wave 3 will be released in February 2016 and includes pre-New 52 Superman with his robot Kelex, Aquaman with a trident, “First Appearance” Harley Quinn, and an Atom set with Atomica from the Crime Syndicate of America, midsize figure Ryan Choy and small figure Ray Palmer.

DC Comics Icons Wave 3 Action Figures - Superman with Kelex, Aquaman, & Atomica with Ryan Choy & Ray Palmer

Each DC Comics Icons action figure stands 6 tall and will retail for $22.95 each. Collectors can pre-order all 13 figures now from Entertainment Earth here.
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