Thursday, May 14, 2015

King Kong Screen Print by Nicolas Delort

King Kong Standard Edition Black and White Screen Print by Nicolas Delort

Dark Hall Mansion has announced the next movie poster in its fantastic DHM Seminal Film Series, and it’s King Kong by Nicolas Delort! Based on the classic 1933 film, Delort's vision for this piece was to tell Kong's tale by showcasing him in his own domain. Taking the viewer right to Skull Island, Nicolas’ piece is as much about this mysterious world as it is about Kong himself, and nowhere is this more evocative than in his striking rendering of a cavernous skull and its weeping waterfalls. The Blot especially loves Delort’s inclusion of Carl Denham's movie camera at the bottom of the image placing the viewer right with the intrepid film crew as it first comes upon the majestic ape.

King Kong Standard Edition Sepia Toned Variant Screen Print by Nicolas Delort

King Kong by Nicolas Delort is a 20”x30” hand numbered 5 color screen print on foil paper with metallic inks. The Standard Black and White Edition is limited to 280 pieces and will retail for $70, while the sepia-toned Variant is limited to 70 pieces and will retail for $100. DHM is also producing 10 Canvas Variants of the Black and White Edition and 10 Lavender Variant Canvas Prints, each retailing for $250. All four versions of this beautiful Delort print will go on sale at 9:30am PDT this Friday, May 15th, at the Dark Hall Mansion online store.

King Kong Lavender Canvas Variant Screen Print by Nicolas Delort
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