Thursday, June 11, 2015

Support the CHEW Tony Chu Mini Bust Kickstarter Campaign by Skelton Crew Studio

CHEW Tony Chu Mini Bust by Skelton Crew Studio

For the past few years Skelton Crew Studio has been producing some high quality, officially licensed merchandise, including vinyl figures, plush dolls and mini busts, based on the hit Image comic book series CHEW. The comic, created by John Layman and Rob Guillory, is one of The Blot’s personal favorites and I’ve absolutely loved everything Skelton Crew Studio has created for the series. Their next release is a full color, super detailed mini bust of Tony Chu, the star of CHEW! For this project they’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter project (seen here) to crowd fund the production, and there are currently only 7 days left for you to make a pledge and get your hands on this awesome CHEW mini bust!

CHEW Tony Chu Mini Bust by Skelton Crew Studio

The CHEW Tony Chu Mini Bust is based on the artwork of Rob Guillory, was sculpted by Derek Hallett, and stands just over 7” tall. He's in scale with the now sold out CHEW Poyo mini bust the studio produced last year. The Mini Bust features Tony emerging from a can of beets with a label designed by Rob with plenty of CHEW-y nods on the back like: “Instructions: Open container. Throw directly into trash. Seriously. Why would you ever think of eating this? Ew.” What’s even more amazing is you can pre-order one now for just $58 here!

Kickstarter Exclusive CHEW Beet Chog Plush Figure by Skelton Crew Studio

Skelton Crew Studio is also offering backers the opportunity to purchase a Kickstarter exclusive beet colored Chog Plush! The Chog is a frog/chicken hybrid animal from CHEW and is definitely one of the comic’s most adorable (and beloved) creations. The KS Exclusive Beet Chog Plush stands 4” tall and will never be available outside of this Kickstarter project.

First Look: CHEW Chog 2 Inch Mini Vinyl Figure by Skelton Crew Studio

But that’s not all! Because the CHEW Tony Chu Mini Bust project has already been funded and met its stretch goal of $26,000, for each Tony Mini Bust purchased during the campaign the backer will receive a free Chog 2” mini vinyl figure. This figure will be released in the fall and sold blind box style in a number of different colorways (blues, oranges, greens, whites and glows, to name a few). So not only do you get a really cool statue, but one of the very first Chog mini figures to ever be released. How can you back this awesome Kickstarer campaign now!?!
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